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Our Brands

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Brands Overview

Aware of our social and ethical responsibility, we work every day to put our knowledge and skills at people service. With our products, we want to contribute to finding solutions to some of your needs in terms of wellness and lifestyle.

We want to improve the quality of your life by preventing and alleviating common symptoms with our products, using the best ingredients and the most innovative pharmaceutical forms to make your life easier and better. This is what Contrad is all about and with our innovative products, we want you to feel at your best, always.

High science

To say that our products are innovative is an understatement. We are trailblazers in finding and developing products that are on the leading-edge of technology. Whether it be an OTC or a medical device, a cosmetic, or a supplement, our products are braced by high science. Every product is backed by published scientific proof and validated in clinic by medical practitioners and specialists. We develop premium products from advanced research in anti-aging techniques based on the latest technology and clinical protocols. Our formulations target the body's regenerative pathways, providing you with authentic renaissance products that program body mechanisms, cells and tissue towards renewal and optimum wellness.

Find premium products by Contrad for:

- Women's health
- Dermatology
- Paediatrics
- Luxury for her

Women's health, wellness & comfort

Care of the female intimate zones is a big part of women's health. Contrad develops fine intimate cosmetics for the daily care and comfort of intimate zones; as well as anti-aging products for all of women's life stages.
Contrad's intimate line includes fine cosmetic grade solutions for daily hygiene, as well as doctor-recommended supportive products for treatment and prevention of conditions related to women's issues and cycle; such as urinary tract infections (UTI) and ovarian syndromes such as PCOS.

Epigen® Line

Epigen® uses isolated components from Liquorice root extract for their anti-viral properties. Medical literature and studies confirm the anti-viral capacity of liquorice extract.
Epigen® is unique in that the natural plant molecules are activated in a way to enhance and accelerate their anti-viral action, making Epigen® strongly effective as an anti-viral.

Marketed by Contrad in Russia.

Lenifen Soothing Cream

A moisturizing cream designed specifically for the intimate zones. Lenifen exerts immediate and intense hydration on the vaginal tissue. Tested against cortisone-containing cream, this natural plant-based moisturizing cream provided equal or better anti-itching effect. It won, hands down, for sustained soothing and comfort of intimate zones, without inducing odour or leaving a greasy sticky film.
Lenifen is a high-end innovative intimate moisturizer that can be used to hydrate vaginal tissue daily or as needed. It is recommended for the immediate relief of irritated, red, inflamed tissue or for excessive vaginal dryness.

Recommended for regular vaginal care.

This product is currently available for the US market.

Hyntima Hydrating Intimate Gel

A soothing internal gel for vaginal dryness, itching and irritation. Hyntima is specifically formulated as a vaginal medical device to soothe and hydrate the delicate internal vaginal tissue, without leaving residue.
It contains natural ingredients that are proven for their soothing and anti-itching effect. Other plant-derived active principles maintain normal hormonal balance in the vaginal environment. Hyaluronic acid protects and moisturizes the mucous membranes.

Free of perfumes, parabens and thiazolinone; this intimate gel is a naturally pure lubricant and calmative.

Doctor recommended for vaginal dryness and regular use in menopausal women.

This product is currently available for the US market.

Ephyrel Hydrating Cleansing Gel

Provides a detergent free cleansing action that restores vaginal flora thanks to natural prebiotics innate to the vaginal epithelium. This bioflora is exclusive to Ephyrel and supports vaginal health; protecting against bacterial, fungal and yeast infections.

Doctor recommended for daily intimate cleansing and for supportive treatment during infection and/or antibiotic-induced vaginal infection and itching.

This product is currently available for the US market.


A support and treatment supplement for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Recent research has pegged inositol as the key active ingredient in PCOS formulations. But not all inositol isomers are the same. Dikirogen is formulated with two types of inositol that are arranged in concentrations and ratios specific to the physiological pathways needed to mediate PCOS.

Dikirogen is a completely natural supplement that normalizes the dysfunctional metabolism associated with PCOS. It will help resolve glucose and hormonal imbalances associated with PCOS and restore normal ovarian function. It is doctor-recommended as a sole treatment plan or as a supportive supplement with prescription.

Marketed by Contrad in Russia.

Luxury Line for her

Effelle Cleansing Gel

A luxurious washing gel with the natural fragrances of peony flower and the gentle touch of Royal jelly. Both natural ingredients provide soft cleansing action without irritating or stripping the delicate vaginal epithelium.

Effelle Intimate Spray

A gentle deodorant exclusively formulated for women's intimate zones. Effelle has sustained refreshing action and instils a velvety feel to keep you comfortable all day.



For the care and treatment of cold sores, Erazaban is not just a barrier cream, it actually blocks the Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV.)
Erazaban contains Docosanol, which targets the Herpes virus on the skin. Docosanol prevents the virus from hooking onto the skin cells' membrane, treating the cold sore and reducing recovery time, on average by 3-4 days.
Erazaban provides real treatment for cold sores, not just a barrier or a freeze. Erazaban actually treats the blister at the skin level by blocking the virus and preventing further spreading; comparable to prescription creams, but more effective as a topical because of its affinity to skin.

The active ingredient in Erazaban, Docosanol, is fully approved by FDA for cold sores and fever blisters.

Erazaban relieves the pain and burning associated with cold sores at all stages, speeds resolution of the blister, and prevents spreading of the HSV.

Marketed by Contrad in Russia.


A film-forming solution that penetrates the nail to treat and prevent fungus on fingernails and toenails. The formulation is designed for optimum penetration of the nail and to provide a barrier, preventing further infection and allowing healing to occur, while conditioning the nail.
Mycosan helps to relieve pain and sensitivity associated with mycosis as well as discoloration, spots, and loosening of the nail.

Visible results usually occur within 2 weeks of use.

Easy to use applicator-style product.

Marketed by Contrad in Russia and Ukraine.


Skincap acts as a topical barrier with antimicrobial activity. Its active principle, zinc pyrithione is activated exclusively in the Skincap formula to maximize efficacy. You need less product for optimum effect, so important when choosing a chronic-care and maintenance product.
Skincap reduces the discomfort associated with seborrhea and psoriasis; such as, stinging, itching, and flaking skin, helping to control dandruff and excessive shedding of dead skin. Your skin's feel and appearance are improved usually within the first week of use.

It does not contain steroids.

Marketed by Contrad in Russia.

Pediatric Line: a comprehensive solution for Kids

Invar Kids® Pediatric Line

Marketed by Contrad in Russia.

Halykoo Pediatric Line

Marketed by Contrad in Ukraine.

Quality and Integrity Policy

Duly authorized by Swissmedic to distribute and export medicinal products, we have developed a Quality Management System in line with the international requirements for Good Distribution Practice, to guarantee product traceability throughout the entire supply chain and more.

Contrad Swiss has in place internal procedures to facilitate continuous improvement, as declared in the Quality Manual.

Aware of our social and ethical responsibility, we ensure the quality of our medical products, supported by a Quality System in place to satisfy all applicable regulatory requirements.

We are devoted to improving people's life; their wellness and safety are at the base of everything we do. Our mission is a sustainable business to ensure the long-term success of our employees and shareholders, with respect and integrity.
We aspire to be better people and so, greater professionals. We support and encourage ethical behaviours and we believe in equality for all.

Pursuing the above goals, Contrad Swiss wants to establish a company strongly focused on the safety and quality of medical products and services. Our objectives and values are communicated to all employees in a transparency and collaboration vision.